Vertigo Games is a Dutch video game developer, located in the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Our team has worked on a mix of entertainment and serious games, offering a unique, combined experience that is tight suitable for developing a fun and reasonable game like World of Diving. Nowadays, our group is developing a few of the most practical and innovative instructional and serious games on the planet; however, our dream to produce entertainment games has never ever been more powerful.

A tutorial gets you accustomed to the underwater action, which consists mainly of exploration at this phase given that the developers at Vertigo Games, have not yet consisted of any goal-oriented objectives including dangerous scenarios or pressure-filled situations. For example, you can come across sharks, however, since yet, they don’t present any danger to you unlike in more simple games found at shark attack games. There are a wealth of photography missions offered to play, however, and the majority of impressively of all, this video game works with VR headsets, making it playable with hardware like the Oculus Rift and stepping up the possible realism of World of Diving by a substantial margin.

Tropical Dream: Underwater Odyssey continues Big wheel’s offerings here with a strategic time-management game embedded in the depths. The sickly sweet storyline includes playing as a woman that has decided to quit the bustle of city life to invest her time deep-sea diving. Much of the game consists of going on a series of dives and taking images in the admittedly stunning undersea environments.

On gamers have their Diving level, which features significantly amazing perks, consisting of early access to World of Diving and special in-game benefits. Gamers can upgrade their level with Diving XP that they acquire from completing objectives, participating in neighborhood activities, and using feedback and ideas for advancement. In the future, it will likewise be possible to acquire upgrades immediately.

Though this is a point-and-click a scavenger-hunt video game that offers little more than static undersea diving in Hidden Exploration Titanic, thanks to the requirement of striking the ideal balance in between thorough searching and oxygen preservation. It’s not the most aesthetically enticing or reasonable diving game, but it deserves an examine at Big Wheel Games.

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